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Task Filters

Hide Completed

Enable this option to only show uncompleted tasks in the main screen. Completed tasks can be found through a search. This setting does not apply to the widget - widgets have a separate setting to control this, under Widget Settings > List Settings.

If you want to delete tasks as soon as they're completed, see the Delete When Completed preference.

Hide Distant Future Tasks

This option causes tasks that are due more than a certain number of days in the future to be hidden. This can be useful if you have a lot of tasks with due dates, and only want to see tasks from the current month or current week. Tasks without a due date will not be affected by this setting. All tasks can be found through a search, regardless of their due date. This setting applies to all GTO widgets, in addition to the main app.

Max Days to Show

Set how many days the Hide Distant Future Tasks setting applies to. For example, if you only want to see tasks due in the next week, set this value to 7.