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Collapse Subtasks

When a list is sorted by the custom order, parent tasks (any task with a subtask underneath it) will have an arrow button to expand and collapse its subtasks. Disable this option if you always want to show subtasks and hide the expand/collapse button. You can collapse and expand every parent task in the current list through the GTO menu.

Font Size

Changes the size of the task name and notes on the main screen. The default is 18. Size 12 and 24 are shown below.

Sync Extra Fields

Some task fields - task reminders and repeating tasks - are only used in GTO, and are not available in Google Tasks online. These fields cannot be synced as normal fields, but they can be automatically added to the task notes. If you use GTO for the same account on multiple devices, or if you plan to upgrade or uninstall GTO, this option can help save the time of adding all the task reminders and repeats again.

When this option is enabled, words like {GTO REMINDER"19:0" REPEAT"14" RFC} will appear in task notes outside of GTO as needed. This extra data can be added or changed, and GTO will automatically update the task fields during the next full sync. First, GTO checks for {GTO in the notes. If it's there, it strips out everything before the next } and parses it for information. The REMINDER value is always in 24-hour format, and may be formatted as either "24:00" or "24:0". The REPEAT value contains either the number of days to repeat, or the word "MONTHLY" or "YEARLY". If RFC is present, it indicates that the repeat from completion date field is enabled.

Use Short Extra Keys

Enable this to change the extra data from {GTO REMINDER"19:0" REPEAT"14" RFC} to {GTO RM"19:0" RP"14" RFC}. Any tasks that were already synced with the long keys will keep those keys until a change is made to the task (marking a task complete and then uncomplete is usually the fastest way).

Undelete Tasks

Tasks that have been deleted or completed and cleared can be recovered with this action. Select a task from the dialog to restore the task to its list. If a list was deleted, its tasks are still available, but cannot be recovered here until the list is recovered. If an account has been removed from GTO, its deleted tasks can no longer be recovered.

Task Filtering

Expand When Selected

Enabling this preference causes GTO to show the entire task name and notes fields when a task is highlighted in the main screen.

Max Lines - Name / Notes

These options control how many lines, at most, are displayed for tasks that haven't been selected and expanded. It is possible to set these values to 0 to completely hide the names and/or notes in the main screen.

Bold Top Level Tasks

The task names of top-level tasks (anything that isn't a subtask) are in bold font, while subtasks are in normal font. This applies to every sort order, even when subtasks are not shown next to their parent tasks. With this option disabled, all task names are bold.

Small Checkboxes

Makes the task checkboxes on the main screen roughly half the normal size.

Row Padding

Adds space above and below the task checkbox, making it easier to select the task you want. Often used with the Small Checkboxes preference.

Cleanup Tasks

This action can be used to remove empty tasks and duplicates. Duplicates are found based on the task names and notes. This was added to correct the effects of a duplication bug which has been fixed, but the ability to remove unnecessary empty and duplicate tasks is still useful for organizing large lists.