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Calendar Push

Note: Calendar push is only available for accounts that have been added to the system settings, not accounts that were authenticated directly through GTO.

The Google Calendar website allows you to view your tasks next to your other events by selecting the Tasks label under My Calendars. Unfortunately, this isn't a normal calendar that can be imported into Android. So, in order to allow you to see your tasks on your Android calendar, GTO can maintain a custom calendar, which can be imported into Android and anywhere else you use your Google Calendars. This is only a one-way sync from GTO to the calendar, and if you make any changes to the events in that calendar, GTO will overwrite them during its next full sync.

Android occasionally has problems importing new Google calendars. If you have enabled the Push Tasks to Calendar preference and performed a full sync but the GTO calendar doesn't appear in Android, see the FAQ page and Google Support page for help.

Push Tasks to Calendar

Enable this to create a Google calendar named GTO and populate it with events based on your dated tasks. One calendar is created on each account in GTO. The calendar will be updated during each full sync.

Include Past Due Tasks

When this is enabled, every task with a due date will be included in the calendar. If disabled, only tasks with a due date on the current day or in the future will be included.

Include Completed Tasks

Controls whether tasks that have been completed are included in the calendar.