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Server Sync

Send Changes Instantly

When you change tasks or lists in GTO, those changes are sent to the server, ensuring that your lists remain updated. This is much faster and uses less battery and data than a full sync. If this preference is disabled, changes will only be sent to the server during a full sync.

If you regularly view your tasks outside GTO, or have the same account on multiple devices, it is strongly recomended that you leave this preference enabled.

Full Sync Frequency

This setting allows you to choose how often automatic full syncs are performed in the background. After any full sync, GTO will start a timer for this interval. When the interval is complete, GTO will attempt another full sync. If the device is asleep or if the internet isn't available, it might not be able to successfully sync. Each time you open GTO, it checks to see when the previous successful full sync occurred. If it's been longer than this interval, a full sync will be started automatically.

Set this to Manual Sync Only if you don't want GTO to perform full syncs in the background. Full syncs will only occur when you start one from the GTO menu, and when you add a new account.

If you regularly make changes outside GTO, or have the same account on multiple devices, it is strongly recommended that you choose a sync frequency of 6 hours or less. If a list in GTO gets too far out of sync with the server, it can start to cause unusual sync errors.

Show Time Since Sync

Displays in the title bar how long ago a full sync occurred, indicating how up-to-date GTO is compared to the Tasks server. Changes made in GTO and sent to the server are not considered a full sync, since no data is retrieved from the server.

Calendar Push

Full Sync WiFi Only

This setting will force GTO to sync on a WiFi connection. If no WiFi network is available, GTO won't sync.

Wake Up For Sync

Enable this to allow GTO to bring your phone out of sleep for a background sync. This may cause excessive battery or data usage. For most users, it's best to leave this setting disabled.