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Enable this to play a notification sound when a task reminder is triggered.

Choose Ringtone

Select one of your device's notification sounds.


Enable this to vibrate the device for a short time when a task reminder is triggered.

LED Light

Enable this to blink the device's LED continuously when a task reminder is triggered.

Repeat Notification

Enable this to be notified every few minutes after a task reminder has triggered, until the reminder is cleared.

Repeat Minutes

Set the notification repeat interval.

Combine Reminders

When enabled, a single icon will be displayed in the status bar showing the number of GTO task reminders that have triggered. When disabled, each task reminder will have a separate icon and line in the notification bar.

Require Due Date

When enabled, reminders are deleted automatically when the due date is removed. When disabled, a task's due date can be removed and it will keep its reminder data, although those reminders will not be triggered until a due date is set again.

Default Reminder

GTO can automatically add a default reminder to a task whenever a due date is set. This does not change any tasks retroactively - it is only applied when a due date is changed or set.

Default Days Ahead

The default reminder will be set this many days before the due date. Set to 0 for the exact due date.

Default Time

The time for the default reminder.