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Edit Accounts

Import or delete accounts from GTO. See the Accounts page.

Color Theme

Select between a light theme and a dark theme. This only applies to the main app - widgets have a separate color theme preference.

New Task Shortcut

This action creates a shortcut on your home screen, which opens GTO to the New Task dialog. This is similar to selecting the plus button on the widget.

Update Details

Displays a list of what was added, changed, and fixed in the latest GTO update.

About GTO

Displays the version and build number that is currently running on your device, and GTO's end-user license agreement.

Backup / Restore


See the Dialogs page.

Date Format

Choose how to show dates throughout GTO. Available formats are 12-31-201231-12-20122012-12-31, or automatically match the format set in the Android system settings.

24-Hour Format

Choose whether to show times throughout GTO in 24-hour format (17:30), or 12-hour format (5:30 pm).

Drag and Drop Handle

Select whether to show the drag-and-drop handle on the selected task, every task, or no tasks.

Show Up / Down Move Button

Enable this to show an alternate way of moving tasks without dragging and dropping. When the move up/down button is selected, the list will change to a movement view. You can select a position in the list to move the task to, or switch to a different list and move the task there.

Debug Logs

Shows a list of errors and log messages that GTO has handled. This usually doesn't include errors that cause a Force Close error. Open the menu on this screen to erase the current logs or email them to TinjaSoft support. You'll have an opportunity to review the email and add any additional information before sending it to TinjaSoft. I receive too many debug log emails to respond to them all, but I do review each one and attempt to fix the errors by updating GTO.