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Calendar Date Picker

This is only available in the full version of GTO.

Replaces the standard Android date picker with a simpler, more natural calendar-style picker.

The calendar date picker opens to show the currently-selected date, or today if no date has been selected. Today's date is in italics, and the current selection is highlighted in green. Use the Go To button to jump to another date, and the Today button to jump to today. Press on a date to select it. Use the Remove button to clear the current date.

Accept Date on Click

Enable this to instantly set the date by selecting it in the calendar date picker. If this is disabled, you must select a date and then select the OK button to accept it.

First Day of Week

Select the day that weeks should start on in the calendar date picker.

Confirm Task Delete

Enable this to receive a confirmation message when you delete a task.

Show Update Details

Enable this to receive a message each time GTO is updated to a new version. The message will explain the changes that were made in the latest update - additional features, bug fixes, and feature changes. 

Show Sync Errors

Enable this to receive a message when GTO encounters an error during a sync. Errors are always recorded in the Debug Logs, regardless of this preference.