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Delete When Completed

If this is enabled, tasks will be deleted when you select their checkbox, instead of completing. This doesn't apply to tasks with a repeat value. This option can be useful if you don't need to keep tasks around after you've completed them. Tasks that are completed outside GTO will be automatically deleted during the next full sync.

Back Button Deselects Task

When a task is highlighted in the list, pressing your device's Back button can either exit GTO or unhighlight the selected task. If no task is highlighted, the back button always exits GTO.

Keyboard for New Task

Most users will want to keep this option enabled. If you regularly use a physical keyboard, disable this option to stop the on-screen keyboard from appearing when you create a new task.

New Tasks to Top

Controls whether the top checkbox in the task creation dialog is on or off by default.

Swipe List to Change

With this option enabled, you can swipe (fling) across the screen to switch to the previous or next list. If you prefer changing lists with buttons, you might want to enable the Previous / Next List buttons.

Swipe Sensitivity

If you find the list often changes when you're not trying to swipe, decrease the sensitivity. With a sensitivity of 1, you need to swipe almost directly straight horizontally to change lists. With a sensitivity of 5, your swipes can be much less accurate - swiping from the top-left to the bottom-right will change the list at maximum sensitivity.