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Backup / Restore

Autosave Information

GTO automatically attempts to save a backup copy of your preferences (everything in the Preference menus) each time you exit from the preference menu. This backup file is located on your device's SD Card at /GTO_Backup/preferences.txt. This is not the file that GTO always reads your preferences from, it's only a backup copy. This file can be used if you ever need to reinstall GTO, or if you upgrade from GTO Lite to the full version.

Restore Preferences

This action will attempt to read the backup copy stored at /GTO_Backup/preferences.txt, and load those saved preferences into GTO. This will overwrite the current GTO preferences with the values from the backup file. This does not affect your accounts, lists, or tasks in any way.

Backup Database

This action attempts to create a backup copy of your GTO data (accounts, lists, and tasks) on the device's SD Card at /GTO_Backup/task_data.db. This file can later be restored into GTO. The database file is not human-readable.

This action is mainly provided for those who use the offline account. Backing up the database is otherwise not necessary, since your lists and tasks are regularly saved to the Tasks servers.

Restore Database

If you're trying to recover deleted lists or tasks, first try the Undelete List and Undelete Task actions.

If the GTO database has somehow been corrupted and you're trying to fix it, first try reimporting the account into GTO.

This action attempts to read the backup copy of the database stored on the SD Card, and load the saved data into GTO. This will overwrite all your current GTO data, including accounts, lists, tasks, and unsynced changes made in GTO. This action cannot be undone. If changes were made outside of GTO after the backup file was created, GTO will not have accurate data compared to the Tasks servers, which may cause problems.

Export to CSV

This action attempts to create a CSV file on the SD Card at /GTO_Backup/task_export.csv. This is a human-readable file containing all your GTO lists and tasks. Other programs, such as spreadsheets, can import this CSV file. However, GTO cannot use this file to restore any data.