GTO is a powerful and customizable app, with lots of options to make it perform exactly the way you want. However, the number of options available can be intimidating when you first start using it.

If you're looking for help on a specific preference, the menu to the right is organized to match the in-app preference menus. If you're interested in an overview highlighting the most popular settings, continue reading.

You can access the settings menu from GTO by pressing your device's menu button. Often this is one of 4 physical buttons below the screen. When the main menu is displayed, choose "Settings".

The Behavior menu contains items relating to how GTO acts, and how it reacts to things you do. If you want GTO to automatically delete tasks when you complete them, or change whether new tasks are automatically placed at the top or bottom of a list, you'll find those options here.

The Tasks menu contains options relating to individual tasks, and task formatting. Options such as the number of lines to show for each task in the main screen, the font size, and the choice to sync GTO-only fields to the server are located here.

The Task Filtering submenu (under the Tasks menu) controls which tasks are shown on the main screen. To hide tasks after they're completed, look here.

The Lists menu has options relating to entire lists. Here you can control the group headings and choose whether to collapse the lists on the "All Lists" page.

The Server Sync menu contains options for how GTO syncs to the Google Tasks servers. Change how often GTO performs a full sync here.

The Calendar Push submenu (under the Server Sync menu) allows you to set up a one-way push from GTO to a Google Calendar that can be imported into Android. This is only available in the full version of GTO.

The Reminders menu contains options for the notifications that are triggered at a task's reminder time. Select the reminder ringtone and snoozing here.

The Dialogs menu allows you to control the popup message windows in GTO. Modify the calendar-style date picker and disable the task deletion warning here.

The Backup / Restore menu provides a way to save and load your GTO settings and data.

Everything else that doesn't fit into one of the above menus is located at the bottom of the Preference screen. Modify the date format and the drag-and-drop handles here.