Main Options Menu

The GTO options menu is opened by pressing your device's Menu button. This is either a physical hardware button, or a permanent on-screen button. It's typically located next to the Home button.

Expand All / Collapse All

These options will only be available if there are tasks and/or lists that can be collapsed. See the Collapse Subtasks and Collapse Lists preferences.

Expand or collapse the collapsible items that are currently displayed. If an individual list is displayed, only the tasks in that list will be affected. If you're viewing the All Lists page, then every list and every task will be expanded or collapsed.

Sync All

Begin a full server sync of all lists and all accounts. Any changes that were made on the server since the previous full sync will be downloaded into GTO. See the Syncing page.


Open the settings menu. See the SettingsĀ page.

Clear Completed

Delete every completed task in the current list.

Email List

Create an email containing a snapshot of the current list as it looks now. This will open the default email app on your device, and create a new message containing the currently displayed tasks, which can be edited and sent to anyone. On a PC, the tasks can be copied and pasted from the email into a Google Tasks list.

Search Tasks

Find a task based on the task name or notes. This is the same as pressing your device's Search button, but it's included in the menu since not every Android device has a dedicated Search button.

Advanced Users: In the search box, you can use % and _ as wildcards. The percentage symbol % will match any number of characters across a task's name and notes, while the underline symbol _ will match a single character. The backslash symbol \ acts as an escape, so if you want to search for a literal % _ or \ you will need to type \% \_ or \\ into the search box.

Task Filters

Allows you to hide completed tasks or tasks due in the distant future from being displayed in the current list. Read more on the Task Filters page.