FAQ / Common Problems

Why isn't GTO in the widget list?

This is usually because GTO has been installed or moved to the SD Card, which makes it disappear from the list of app widgets, and sometimes causes existing widgets to disappear from the homescreen. This is a problem that affects all Android apps, not just GTO.

If you're not sure where GTO is installed, go to your phone's Home screen > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Tasks Organizer. If you see a button labeled 'Move to phone', then you'll need to select that and then reboot the phone. After the reboot, GTO will appear in the list of widget options again.

Why aren't tasks being pushed to my Android Calendar?

The Google Calendar website allows you to view your tasks next to your other events by selecting the 'Tasks' label under 'My Calendars'. Unfortunately, this isn't a normal calendar that can be imported into Android. So, in order to allow you to see your tasks on your Android calendar, GTO can maintain a custom calendar, which can be imported into Android and anywhere else you use your Google Calendars. This is only a one-way sync from GTO to the calendar, and if you make any changes to the events in that calendar, GTO will overwrite them during its next full sync.

If you're having trouble getting the GTO calendar to appear in Android, please follow these steps:
  1. Go to the GTO Menu > Settings > Server Sync > Calendar Push > enable Push Tasks to Calendar.
  2. Do a full sync through GTO Menu > Sync All.
  3. Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Accounts > account name > Sync Calendar (If you have a checkbox here, make sure it's checked on).
  4. Open the Calendar app > Menu > Calendars.
  5. Find GTO, and press the button next to it until both icons are turned on (probably a black refresh icon and eye icon).
  6. The Calendar should show a refreshing icon in the status bar and start syncing.
Google Support also has a helpful page for troubleshooting Android calendar sync problems.

Why does Android ask for my password when GTO syncs?

The most common cause is that your account has 2-step verification enabled, and Android needs an app-specific password for GTO. Follow the instructions on Google's 2-step verification help page for signing in with an app-specific password.

Is it possible to share lists with other users?

Not yet. The Google Tasks team has mentioned the possibility of adding sharable lists in the future, but there hasn't been any word on it since then. This is the type of feature that can't be implemented on the GTO side, it needs to be added on the server, which means it's out of my hands. If Google does add this feature, I'll be updating GTO to support it as soon as possible.

There is a workaround, though. If the same account is used on multiple devices, all lists under that account will be shared between the devices. Some people choose to create a new GMail account solely for the sake of sharing between two or more people. Since GTO supports multiple accounts, you can add the shared account with no problems. See the Accounts page for help with adding an account.

If you want to share a "snapshot" of your list as it looks right now, you can do this through the GTO Menu > More > Email List option. See the Options Menu page for more information.

Why isn't GTO syncing?

Please see the Syncing page to troubleshoot sync problems.

Where did the settings go?

In GTO 3.2, a lot of the menus were cleaned up and re-organized to make the most commonly-used options easier to find. If you were familiar with the old setup, however, things probably look quite different.

To help with the transition, here's a full list of all settings in their current locations. Anything marked with a * was moved or modified in version 3.2.

Main screen options menu
Expand All
Collapse All
Sync All
Clear Completed
Email List
Search Tasks
Help Site
* Edit Lists moved to Settings > Lists
* Edit Accounts moved to Settings menu
* About GTO moved to Settings menu
* Debug Logs moved to Settings > Advanced

Settings Menu
Delete When Completed
Back Button Deselects Task
Keyboard for New Task
New Tasks to Top
Swipe List to Change
Swipe Sensitivity

Collapse Subtasks
Font Size
Sync Extra Fields
Use Short Extra Keys
Undelete Tasks

Tasks > Advanced
* Expand When Selected
* Max Lines - Name
* Max Lines - Notes
* Bold Top Level Tasks
* Small Checkboxes
* Row Padding
* Cleanup Tasks

Tasks > Advanced > Task Filtering
Hide Completed
Hide Distant Future Tasks
Max Days to Show

* Edit Lists
Show Group Headings
Color Headings
Smart Headings
Show 'All Lists' Page
Collapse Lists
Undelete List

Lists > Advanced
* Prev / Next List Buttons
* Sort Undated First
* Show Offline Lists
* Show Account Names
* Default Quick-Add List

Server Sync
Send Changes Instantly
Full Sync Frequency
Show Time Since Sync

Server Sync > Calendar Push
Push Tasks to Calendar
Include Past Due Tasks
Include Completed Tasks

Server Sync > Calendar Push > Advanced
Calendar Name
Safe Mode

Server Sync > Advanced
* Full Sync WiFi Only
* Wake Up For Sync

Choose Ringtone
LED Light
* Repeat Notification (Formerly Auto-Snooze)
* Repeat Minutes (Formerly Snooze Minutes)
Combine Reminders

Reminders > Advanced
* Require Due Date
* Default Reminder
* Default Days Ahead
* Default Time

Settings Other
* Edit Accounts
Color Theme
New Task Shortcut
* Update Details
* About GTO

Advanced > Backup / Restore
Autosave Information
Restore Settings
Backup Database
Restore Database
Export to CSV

Advanced > Dialogs
Calendar Date Picker
Accept Day on Click
First Day of Week
Confirm Task Delete
Show Update Details
Show Sync Errors

* Date Format
* 24-Hour Format
* Drag and Drop Handle
* Show Up/Down Move Buttons
* Debug Logs