Creating Tasks

From the main screen, select the green plus button in the lower-right corner to create a new task. To create a subtask (indented task), first select the parent task, then select the Create Subtask button (with an arrow and plus sign). You'll be presented with a new task dialog which allows you to modify all the fields of a task before creating it.

The task name, due date, notes, and list are all identical to the fields in Tasks online.

The task repeat and reminder are GTO-only fields, and will not show up in Tasks online. If you set either of these fields without a due date, then it will default to be due today. Likewise, if you remove the due date, the repeat and reminder fields will be cleared out. Read more about these fields on the Editing Tasks page.

Enabling the Top checkbox will create the task at the top of the list. If you're making a subtask, it will be located immediately below the parent task. You can choose whether the Top checkbox defaults to on or off in the Behavior menu.

To create the new task and close the dialog, select Create. If you'd like to immediately enter the details for another task, select Create Another. The first task will be inserted into the list, and all the fields of the dialog will be cleared out, ready for the next task.